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Press Release 16.05.2015


Fragments Book Front Cover 

“Fragments” by F. Philip Holland

            A new ‘Collection’ of poetry, prose and words entitled

“Fragments”, by Derbyshire poet, F. Philip Holland, will be launched on

Saturday, 11th July at the 2015 Buxton Festival Literary Series.

            This will be straight after “Lend me your ears.” a one-hour reading of his poems by Philip at 9.00 a.m. in The Old Clubhouse, Buxton.

          His new book contains an eclectic mix of free and rhyming verse, sonnets, ballads, prose and writing, covering a kaleidoscope of subjects from: humpback whales to nuthatches, the harbour at Carthage to Dutch windmills, Kinder Scout to The Caribbean and Knee Replacement to Tattoo Parlours.

          Containing themes of love, loss, nature, travel, history, seasons, music, terrorism, humour and some Derbyshire dialect, Philip’s eighth book is one not to be missed.

          This new collection, a quality ‘limited edition’ of only 100 copies, has been illustrated by Pat Holland, the poet’s wife. “Fragments” is being released by ‘Five-Bar-Gate Publishing’, and is priced at £10.00.

          For further information and tickets to “Lend me your ears” on Saturday 11th July and also a ‘Poetry Workshop’  with Philip on Sunday, 12th July, at ‘The Lee Wood Hotel’, Buxton, from 1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m., please go to the website:  or phone the Buxton Opera House Box Office: 01298 72190  or:  0845 127 2190.



©F. Philip Holland, Five-Bar-Gate Publishing, 2015


2 thoughts on “Latest News and Releases

  1. Hello Philip,

    First of all thank you for a very enjoyable, not to mention constructive workshop today. Apologies for not introducing myself as a distant relative, only I wasn’t too sure you’d be aware of the Lomas-link and I didn’t really feel comfortable bringing it up until the opportunity presented itself at the end!

    I thoroughly enjoyed being under a little pressure to produce my first poetry and I feel much more confident that it is a genre of creative writing that I can peruse. I’ve been writing since I was about 15 and although I self published, or rather kindle published, a novel early this year I had yet to find the kind of writing that suited my character, and time limitations. I’m glad it was you who introduced me to an art form I suspect will become an integral part of my existence.

    If ever you feel inclined to tutor me in the art, I would be forever grateful, but for now it was a real pleasure meeting you and knowing that I am not the only dairy farmer of Derbyshire origin with creative inclinations!

    Thanks again for a great workshop. Good luck with all your writing.


    Sent from my Fire


  2. Dear Philip,
    I just read your book words of the white peak.
    The reason I sort your book, is I have ancestry on both maternal and paternal that hails from, Buxton, Hollinsclough and by dad’s side father Warslow, mums side Longnor.
    My parents moved from Whaley Bridge while I was 4. So I haven’t learnt dialect directly.
    However my partner is from Derby Nott’s border, and despite sharing more words that I grew up with, we have firm disputes on words, especially as we love scrabble.
    It came to my attention that some words I used in speech couldn’t be verified, I asked my parents and they confirmed, but the world, the internet, nothing. That’s how I came across reference to your book.
    However, despite shedding light on some odd uses of english, and confirming some of the words my mum often uses, I cannot find the expression that started the quest.
    Both sides of the family, including grand dad used it.
    “Risen on” meaning chilled to the bone, quick, core of your being cannot warm up.
    I was interested if you’d come across it?

    A topic of interest to yourself my granddad and other village folk dictated some books about their child hoods, they were published by Hollinsclough Methodist Publications George Mellor
    I suspect some dialect of value in there.

    Thanks Peter Kidd


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